Important Information, Please Read FULLY.

In order to maintain the quality of FLOP, all listings are manually approved. If your listing doesn’t meet the guidelines below, it will not be included in the FLOP directory.

Please fill out your listing application as comprehensively as possible. We aim to give our site visitors as much information about businesses they are looking for, without the faff.

We continuously feature new businesses on our homepage under our ‘In the Spotlight‘ section. Businesses which are featured on our homepage get 1000’s more views and result in many new and regular customers. We want  to list your business on our homepage, so please help us out by taking the time to fully complete your listing. Only listings which fully adhere to the following guidelines below are ever featured on our homepage.

Do’s and Don’ts for a successful and highly converting listing on FLOP:


  • Take your time to fill out information about your business fully.
  • Write unique, information heavy descriptions about your business, goods and services. Facts, dates, times, locations etc (you can modify these after listing is approved, you will have full control over your own listing).
  • Upload clear, attractive looking photos which accurately depict your business or goods.
  • Let your honesty, reputation and integrity sell your business.
  • If there are sections below that are not relevant to your business, leave them blank.
  • Smile lots today and bring happiness to others. Spread love, joy and peace through all whom you meet.


  • (Do not) Copy information from your own website or other websites to be used as descriptions of your website. Google will penalize your listing for duplicate content if you do this and you will not get good exposure for your business.
  • (Do not) Try to hard-sell your business, products or services. FLOP is a directory website where people come to get factual information about businesses, after which they make up their own minds. It is NOT a place to try and sell to potential customers (let your images and reputation do that).
  • (Do not) Provide fake or misleading information.

If you have read and agreed to the above, you may now list your business on FLOP. Thank you.


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